Selected work bridging scientific knowledge
and composition.

About Me

Born in Budapest, I grew up in Switzerland. I studied Physics at the University of Lausanne. Subsequently, I earned a PhD working on biopolymers. Around the same time, I also specialized in composition. Since 2010, I work at the University of Zurich.

Methods in Natural Science provide a powerful framework to express complex emotions beyond conventional music. Computer engineering and recording techniques have made it possible to render such complexity and write them down on a score using a minimal set of notations.



Everyone knows about Erwin Schrödinger's cat or Salvador Dalí's melting watch. We remember them because these are simple images.

Salvador Dalí found a convenient way to represent Einstein's Special Relativity theory, while Schrödinger's cat is a neat image to explain the complex mathematical treatment hidden behind the physical laws describing the subatomic world.

Similarly, music can operate as a medium to convey complex emotions based on our current scientific knowledge of the Universe and leave an impression that can be remembered.

It is an opportunity for interpreters to create to a new language.

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