Selected work bridging scientific knowledge
and composition.

About Me

Born in Budapest, I grew up in Switzerland. I studied Physics at the University of Lausanne. Subsequently, I earned a PhD working on biopolymers with Jacques Dubochet (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017) and Andrzej Stasiak. Around the same time, I also specialized in composition with Lucian Metianu. Currently, I work at the Zurich Forensic Institute.

Methods in Natural Science provide a powerful framework to express complex emotions beyond conventional music. Computer engineering and recording techniques have made it possible to render such complexity and write them down on a score using a minimal set of notations.



Everyone knows about Erwin Schrödinger's cat or Salvador Dalí's melting watch. We remember them because these are simple images.

Salvador Dalí found a convenient way to represent Einstein's Special Relativity theory, while Schrödinger's cat is a neat image to explain the complex mathematical treatment hidden behind the physical laws describing the subatomic world.

Similarly, music can operate as a medium to convey complex emotions based on our current scientific knowledge of the Universe and leave an impression that can be remembered.

It is an opportunity for interpreters to play a new language.

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